But it’s not just a chair it’s a solution to a design problem and a chance for me to work on a project I never thought I would have the time to complete. I’ve always been influenced by architecture, but there is no way I was about to build a house, so I decided to build the next best thing, a piece of furniture.     
While developing this project I decided to put design constraints on myself and see what I could come up with. I decided that I could create any piece of furniture but all the pieces needed to be the exact same size. From there I started developing designs and prototypes using foam core and a hot glue gun. Being able to physically design something rather than just using a computer to create things allowed me to stress
a different creative muscle and process became an escape from
the monotony of my MacBook.    
 The prototypes themselves started out very complex. I dove right in and started creating pieces that I loved aesthetically. I was greatly inspired by the many different designs of chairs. Then the realization hit me that I needed to build this out of real wood and not just tiny foam pieces, so I started making designs that used the same aesthetics but could be created by someone with no previous experience building furniture. Prototype after prototype I finally found the happy medium I was looking for. The final prototype had all the aesthetics I enjoyed, low seat, high arms, while also being achievable. Then after thanksgiving break the chair was born. It’s everything I hoped it would be. A fun functional design that strays from the norms and feels unique to me.
It All Started With A Few Scale Models.
Then The Real Work Began.
It All Ended With A Chair.
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