Hi, I’m Stephen Pisano. I’m originally from Erie, PA, but have lived up and down the east coast working as a graphic designer for the past 10 years. I’m inspired by old design, fashion & architecture. If it were up to me, print would still be alive and well. But… it’s not, so I taught myself how to code, while marking-up photos of women older than my mother, at Chico's. (If you need a consultation on what pattern is best for your pant suit, I’ve got you). 

At this point, most people would start talking about what they do in their free time, but after working in retail fashion for the past five years, I decided to give up my free time and go to grad school for art direction while also freelancing on the side. However, if you need to find me in the real world, you can find me watching any sport that is in season or in an art gallery looking to get inspired. 

My main goal in life is to influence millions of people without them ever knowing who I am, that's why I chose advertising.​​​​​​​

Employment Highlights

Junior Art Director, Leo Burnett Chicago 2020-Present
Graphic Designer, Chico's FAS, Fort Myers, FL 2015-2020
Retoucher & Graphic Designer, Belk Stores, Charlotte, NC 2013-2019 
Email: stephenpisanodesign@gmail.com
Phone: 814-873-1677

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