Just because the world is stuck at home right now, doesn’t mean Martini Time needs to be cancelled. We encouraged people to stay connected each day and have a drink with friends, even if it’s over a webcam.​​​​​​​
In a world that has become so social, isolation is becoming the new norm. For our own mental health, we all need to set up our own Martini Time. Martini Time is the hour set aside each day to spend talking to your friends and family, whether that be through a video chat, a text message or a phone call. So “Set Your Own Martini Time” and let’s get through this together even if we have to stay physically apart.
To spread the word about this campaign we will use target social media messages that reflect the lifestyle changes we are all going through. While pushing our new idea of martini time as an escape from our new work from home lifestyles.
In the Martini Time app users will be able to see a stream of social media posts using #MartiniTime that will motivate and uplift those around them struggling through these times. It will have a variety of drink recipes as well as video tutorials on how to make these drinks. Finally it will offer a  calendar and a reminder function to make it easier to coordinate Martini time with your friends and family. 
iMessage App
To invite friends and family to Martini Time an iMessage application can be used to send out easy invites to anyone customers wish to spend time with virtually. When tapping the link an appointment will be automatically added to the users calendar.
Martini Time At-Home Kit
An at home kit filled with all the essentials to make your favorite martini drinks. Including martini glasses, a martini shaker, an ice bag and hammer, and bottle opener and a recipe book. The kits will be apart of a giveaway where if our customers use the app to create their own martini time they will be entered to win a kit for free. We want our customer to be able to celebrate martini time at home with ease. 
When It's All Over
When the quarantine is over we will invite our customers to celebrate Martini Time together. It will mark the end of social distancing and be a time when people who they have been spending martini time with virtually to come together and spend it with one another again.
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